Volunteer with the Windsor Fire Department

Looking for something new and exciting? Curious about getting experience for a potential career as a firefighter? Want to give back to your community? Want to meet new people and become part of the family? Then join us today!

Fill out the online secure application and we will reach out to you, thank you.

Training Whether you have years of experience or have never been part of the fire service, WVFD is dedicated to regular training. WVFD will also sponsor you to obtain requried firefighting certifications such as Firefighter I, Firefighter II and Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations to name a few.

In house training usually occurs on Monday nights at 7:00PM at each station. Often times the different companies will have combined training or "drills" to work on specific areas or skills that the companies practice to keep sharp and up to date.

Dedication to training allows the town's firefighters to get the job done quickly and efficiently and conintuing to practice in controlled environments helps keep the firefighters safe. Topics can vary from Engine Company Operations, to water rescue, building construction, and live fire training.

Length of Service Award Program is designed to retain individuals that volunteer within the fire department. It is designed to work like a pension plan but does not cost as much to maintain. Volunteers are financially rewarded based on the number of years they serve once they reach an entitlement age. There is also a life insurance program that can pay benefits for a volunteer's beneficiary.

Hourly Stipend for Reimbursement of Expenses to attempt to keep volunteering a a zero cost endeavor for the dedicated members who often pay out of pocket for many expenses that arise while carrying out their duties. This is done bi-annually.

Tax Abatement If a volunteer meets certain criteria each year, they are entitled to a tax abatement which is worth up to $1000.00 off their Windsor vehicle or real estate tax bill.

Thank you In the over 100 years of the Windsor Fire Department the common theme has been exceptional individuals giving up their free time to help neighbors and the community they call home.

There is no better benefit to joining the fire department than to be rewarded with a simple "Thank you" from local school children on fire safety day, a person who you helped rescue from a bad motor vehicle accident, or on occasion a life you made a true and profound difference for.

There are firefighters with over 50 and 60 years of volutneer service to the town of Windsor who are still active today because they enjoy it being part of their lives and will encourage you to do the same.

Family The fire department becomes a large family that all of its members belong to, we often laugh, celebrate, cry and mourn together. Our family has diversity in almost any respect you can think of, we have members in their 80's as well as their teens. We have large firefighters and small. We have members who are in school full time, own businesses in town and who manage corporations. Our members come from all parts of town and that diversity makes us stronger.

Many actual families join the fire department. Brothers, sisters, parents, children, grandchildren, cousins are all common relations among the fire department; it truely can be a family affair for some.